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Polymak depressed Centre & cutting wheels are manufactured by Ital Plastic Compounds Pvt. Ltd an associate company of Polyhose India Pvt. Ltd . one of the leading manufacturers of high-pressure rubber & thermoplastic hoses.

Polyhose has  subsidiaries in Germany, UK, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Singapore and the USA

Quality & safety being the very foundation of the manufacturing policy, Polymak Abrasives are manufactured to meet exacting standards in one of the most modern and Eco-friendly facilities one could find.

Spread over a plinth area of more than 150,000 sq. ft in Chennai, India and equipped with the latest molding machines, baking equipment & testing facility

Polymak abrasives are guaranteed to give their best in terms of grinding/cutting performance, life and safety. Certainly proving to be a cut above the rest.

While the exhaustive program of Polymak abrasives will cater to most grinding and cutting needs, grinding and cutting wheels could also be custom manufactured for specific applications.

To ensure utmost safety to the user, all Polymak abrasives are manufactured in compliance with EN12413 standards.