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All Power Tools marketed by Polymak Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd., are world class and have set standards for quality and performance. While these tools are designed to work in stringent conditions, we recommend that you follow the guidelines given below to get the best out of your Power Tool.

  • Select the right Tool for your job it’ll save a lot of time effort and money. Contact your friendly Polymak Customer care officer or a Polymak Channel Partner for any assistance.

  • Choose the correct cutting agent whether it is a drill bit, a grinding stone, a sanding sheet or router bit.

  • Drill bits should be sharpened at regular intervals. Maintain correct point angle.

  • Always apply appropriate grease on the shank of SDS drill bits before inserting it your Hammer Drill.

  • Replace grinding wheels when they wear down to 2/3 of the original diameter.

  • Dress or replace grinding wheel if they’re glazed or loaded.

  • Wheel guard should be in place before starting an angle grinder or saw.

  • Protect the grinding wheel when not in use. Store it safely when removed from the grinder.

  • Check the grinding wheel for cracks and follow grinding wheel manufacturers instructions.

  • Run the grinding machine for a minute before applying it on the job.

  • Examine the carbon brushes every 150 working hours. Replace if they’re worn out. And always replace them in pairs.

  • Pull the extension cord completely out of the cord reel while using it. There will be drop in voltage if some of the cord is left unwound.

  • It is advisable to wear gloves, visors or safety glasses while operating a Portable Tool.

  • Use only genuine Spares. Non- genuine spares will damage your Tool and will void your guarantee.

  • Use appropriate chuck key and spanner while fixing or removing accessories.

  • Disconnect the plug from the power source while your Power Tool is not in use or while changing or removing accessories.

  • Before connecting your Power Tool to a power source be sure the voltage supply is the same as specified on the nameplate of the Tool.

  • Keep work area clean.

  • Your Power Tool should be kept in a safe dry place and out of reach of children when not in use.

  • Send you Ken Power Tools to the Polymak Authorized Service Centre for periodic check up

  • Please use the tools as per the rated time mentioned in the user manual. If the power tool is rated for 30 minutes do not use the tool for more than the time stipulated. Allow the tool to cool for a few minutes and start using it again.

  • Do always follow instructions for correct storage.

  • Do always visually inspect grinding wheels before mounting for possible damage during transport and eliminate damaged ones.

  • Do always use a safety guard, which should cover nearly one-half of the grinding wheel.

  • Do always use non-reinforced cutting-off wheels on fixed stationary machines.

  • Do always switch off the power at the supply and/or unplug the machine before changing the wheel.

  • Do always use the tools supplied by the machine manufacturer to change the wheel.

  • Do always ensure that the spindle speed of the machine is no higher than the operating speed marked on the wheel.

  • Do always use the correct wheel mounting flanges for grinding wheels and check that they are undamaged, clean and free of burrs.

  • Do always use blotters between the mounting flanges and the wheel sides for soft mounting of flat cutting-off wheels.

  • Do always allow newly mounted wheels to run.


  • Do not apply excessive pressure while using your Power Tool. The weight and power of the Tool is enough to do the job it is meant to. Excessive pressure will reduce the speed of the machine and affect its efficiency.

  • Do not overload or use it for an application for which it is not recommended.

  • Do not force the grinding wheel or saw blade into the spindle. Do not alter the dimension of the hole.

  • Do not apply too much pressure while tightening the flange nut. Tighten the flange nut just enough to hold the wheel or saw blade firmly. Use appropriate spanner or allen key.

  • Do not drag your Power Tool by the cable.

  • Do not use your Power Tool in damp or wet location unless it is designed for such use.

  • Don’t store wheels in a damp atmosphere or in extreme temperatures.

  • Don’t use non-reinforced cutting-off wheels on portable machines.

  • Don’t handle wheels roughly.

  • Don’t drop portable machines or lower to the floor by the cable or air hose. A wheel can be easily cracked by the weight of the machine if it is dropped.

  • Don’t mount a damaged wheel.

  • Don’t EVER exceed the maximum operating speed marked on the wheel.

  • Don’t force a wheel onto a machine spindle.

  • Don’t use mounting flanges which are incorrect, damaged, dirty or worn out.

  • Don’t tighten the mounting nut or locking flange excessively. This can distort the flanges.

  • Don’t use blotters for soft mounting of depressed-centre concave wheels.

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