The professional screw for fast installation in concrete

The concrete screw BTS6 PT with pan head is approved for multiple use for non-structural applications in cracked concrete. Head type PT is characterized by a pan head with TX 30 recess and head-? of 14.5 mm. It is your very fast solution for fixing fastening rails etc., as the special accessories allow assembling in just two steps: drilling and fixing with the same tool. The special adapter and socket wrench can be easily put over the drill bit and that way, all BTS 6 can be mounted in almost no time. Different head shapes (hex head, pan-head ? 14.5 mm, pan-head large ? 19 mm, and hex-head with connecting thread or with internal thread) enable various applications. The BTS is approved for two setting depths in concrete as well as in precast concrete hollow core slabs. Short lengths minimize the risk of hitting rebars during installation. The zinc flake coating ensures a high corrosion resistance for all BTS 6 and fire resistance class R 120 stands for higher application security.

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