The most versatile 4-side expansion nylon plug

The popular nylon plug FX of CELO is the most versatile 4-side expansion nylon plug that achieves very high load values in various building materials due to its 4-side expansion. The FX plug features anti-rotation lugs which prevent rotation in the drilling hole transferring the force optimally into the base material. In addition and for further installation comfort it has a collar that prevents the plug to slip into the drill hole.

The FX plug is made of high quality ageing resistant nylon that can be used with different types of screws such as wood screws, chipboard screws or self-tapping screws guaranteeing a secure and solid fixing. With a temperature resistant covering ranges from -40?C to +80?C, the plug FX is suitable for a wide range of applications, from lighting and sanitary installations to masonry.

As a popular choice among professional installers, the FX plug is available in sizes from 5x25mm to 12×60 mm and in packaging formats from blisters to round boxes.

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