ResiFIX – For everyone the appropriate system

The injection mortar ResiFIX VY ECO SF is your all-rounder for all kinds of applications: For your security ResiFIX is ETA- approved for cracked concrete (Option 1) and masonry and achieves high loads. That way it is perfectly suitable for heavy-duty applications and enables an installation free of expansion forces of e.g. anchor rods, anchor studs, square pipes, bolts and screws free also in many other base materials like hollow bricks, solid bricks and concrete. ResiFIX is harmless for your health as confirmed by emission class A+ for critical emission in closed areas. It can be used in wet or water filled drill holes. This means low emissions of critical substances in closed areas. Additionally it obtains the LEED sustainability certificate for environmentally friendly, low-pollutant low-emission and sustainable building. This product is tested for use under seismic action (class C1/C2) therefore it can be used in earth quake regions. After curing ResiFIX VY ECO SF resists a temperature range of -40?C up to +80?C.