Special plug for external insulation composite systems

With the insulation plug IPL direct fastening into external insulation material is possible – without thermal bridge. It is therefore a perfect solution for fixing in thermal insulation composite systems, hard-foam boards, polystyrene boards and many other substrates. The IPL consists of ageing- and weather-resistant nylon, is temperature-resistant from -40 to +80 ?C and, thanks to its sharp cutting tip, drills reliably through hard ETICS plaster (up to 7 mm) – without pre-drilling.

The IPL 60 with a head ? 25 mm is ideal for light fixings such as small lamps, motion detectors and edge trim strips, which are fixed to the anchor with a chipboard screw ? 4.5- 5.0 mm. Make the installation of the IPL 60 easier with the practical duo bit: no bit change is necessary during installation and the duo bit is available in three versions (TX20/TX40, TX25/TX40 and PZ2/TX40). This saves time and money.

The larger IPL 95 with head ? 32 mm is ideal for larger lamps and letterboxes, but is also suitable for fixing rainwater downpipes. A metric screw M8 x 30 is included as setting tool for the SW13 drive of the plug.

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