The fastest direct fastening for ETICS – without thermal bridge!

Save time versus traditional fastening in insulation! Install up to 5 fixings with the time it would take to install only 1 using other fastening solutions.

The insulation screw IPS is perfectly suitable for direct fastening into insulation materials without thermal bridges of wall connection profiles, metal sheets, base protection profiles, cornice covers, motion detectors, lamps, signs, etc.

The innovative IPS is a screw made out of glass fiber-reinforced nylon, that means: aging, weather and UV-resistant. Its stylish flat head with EPDM sealing ensures optimal sealing and surface blending.
Built with the TX-Drive (TX25) to get a fast and easy installation.

The head hole allows light duty fixings in combination with a screw 3,5 mm. A distinctive thread ensures good hold in insulation boards, furthermore the IPS fits through a 8mm hole. No pre-drilling in plaster due to sharp drilling rip, therefore you get an extremely fast mounting.

Conceived with a length of 80mm the IPS is suitable for nearly all insulated facades (from 80mm) out of polystyrene boards.

Find it available in different colours to match with the most common materials and finishing.

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