Distance mounting system for hollow bricks – strong, fast and with thermal separation!

ResiTHERM is the perfect solution for distance installations in hollow bricks. It is a heavy-duty system for fastening of awnings, canopies, French balconies, railings, satellite dishes etc. in ETICS. Almost no thermal bridge due to a robust glass fibrereinforced nylon body. The 80 mm deep internal thread allows a perfect thermal separation as well as a big insertion depth of the threaded stud. Threaded stud, nut and washer out of stainless steel A4 for optimal corrosion resistance. Special membrane for an evenly distribution of the injection resin (tailored to ResiFIX VY) for high application safety. Massive anchor body made out of glass fibre-reinforced and ageing resistant high quality nylon ensures long-term security. Comfortable injection of the resin ResiFIX from outside. The mixing nozzle sticks in the injection hole, this makes it easier to adjust the protrusion to the plaster. Large application range due the metric thread M12 M12 is the most common thread size for awnings, canopies, French balconies, etc. Product is ready to use: Available in four standard lengths S, 120, 160, 200 for the most common insulation thicknesses.

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